Real Estate Law

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We represent both individuals and commercial clients in purchasing and selling real estate.
Typically, the process starts with drafting or reviewing the sales contract. Many people rely solely upon their realtor in drafting the contract, and most realtors do an excellent job. However, it may be beneficial to have an attorney review the contract as well. This is especially true if there is anything unusual about the contract, such as the sale of mineral rights. Typically, a real estate attorney can review the contract quickly without incurring much expense. In the long run, it may save you a lot of time, money and worry.

In addition to the sales contract, we can prepare all the documents necessary to complete the transaction, including the deed, deed of trust, note, and closing statement. We have worked with most lenders and financial institutions in preparing these documents, and the closing can usually be handled in our office.

Finally, disputes often arise over mineral rights, easements, boundary lines, and other interests effecting legal title. We represent individuals in trying to resolve these disputes either through settlement or litigation.